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Dawson’s Creations is a family owned and operated business created out of passion, love and a boundless amount of creativity! We, Clifford & Tina, are a dynamic husband and wife duo, as well as the proud parents to a beautiful daughter named Kinlee and a rambunctious and loyal golden doodle named Kody. The foundation and heartbeat of Dawson’s Creations is Kinlee. For her first birthday, we wanted to celebrate her in a MAJOR way, and balloons were an automatic decorative necessity. I mean, what gives off birthday celebratory vibes more than balloons? Ummm...NOTHING!! With my (Tina) creative spirit and his (Clifford) muscle and brains, we took store bought balloons and created lavish (so we thought at the time) decorations that brought a giant smile to Kinlee’s face. As parents, it became our goal to make her giant smile reappear on her second birthday, her third birthday and every birthday after that. Each birthday celebration was bigger, bolder and better than the year before and so was Kinlee’s smile. Her parties became our labor of love, which blossomed into a thriving business. 

Dawson’s Creations is a business that doesn’t feel like work. It’s a business that keeps a smile on Kinlee’s face and a smile on the face of our clients. We love what we do and we’ve been blessed to create smile-garnering creations for homes, schools, corporations, weddings and much much more! Kinlee was our first client, and her smile was our client satisfaction barometer. We simply took our concept applied it to every space we’ve decorated. We focus on our clients and make sure their grins go from ear to ear! It’s ALL TEETH with us!!!!

We are a full-service balloon and decor company without limits. We specialize in everything from birthday celebrations to reunions, baby showers, proms and high-end events. You want opulence? We got you. You want classy? Come see us. You want unique balloon structures? We can make it happen. Your vision is our passion. Your joy is our purpose. Your smile is the reason we thrive.

Dawson’s Creations is client focused & design driven with smiles guaranteed!

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